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VIGEX Print Salons

VIGEX 21st International Photographic Print
Salon 2022
*VIGEX Print Salon 2022 - Entry Form
*VIGEX Print salon 2022 - Conditions Of Entry
*VIGEX Print salon 2022 - Calendar
*VIGEX Print salon 2022 - Awards
*VIGEX Print salon 2022 - Judges

SECTIONS:Monochrome Open, Colour Open, Nature, Creative, Travel, Scapes. PRINT ONLY

All sections approved by FIAP(2022/255), PSA(2022-311) and APS (2022/11)

FEES:15-40 Australian dollars (about $US12-31) Paid by PayPal via the web Entry Page.
There is no need to have a PayPal account.

75 Awards


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